Aug 17, 2020

iPhone Camera Tips and Tricks

Brittany knows awesome features of the iPhone camera!
Watch the video to hear them.

Video Transcript:

Hi, guys. My name is Brittany Summers with brittanynikolephoto, and today I want to share with you some quick iPhone camera taking tips.

So, tip number one is while you’re taking a photo, when you tap your screen a little square, yellow box and sun icon will appear; tap the sun and then you can adjust the exposure by sliding the sun up and down. And you slide up, your picture gets brighter, slide down, your picture will get darker. This is great to do when you are in low-light situations where you just need to add a little bit of bump of brightness to your photos.

My second tip is locking in on your auto-focus. So, when you’re taking a picture of a person or an object and you want to lock in your focus, hold your camera up, tap on the object you want to focus, and press down and that will lock in and secure your auto-focus.

My next quick tip that I love using is burst mode. So, if you have little ones like I do that love running around, right now that it is Summer time, playing in the sprinklers, the pool, it’s kind of hard to have, pull out your phone and just click with you one time. So, burst mode, now with the new iOS update on iPhones is, you pull up your camera. If you are holding it this way (vertically), you just press the shutter button and swipe it to the left and that will automatically go into burst mode. And then, if you’re in horizontal or landscape mode, same thing, get your shutter button, and then you’re just going to swipe down and a little box – well, I guess circle with a number will tell you how many images you are taking. And then once you do that you can go to Photos and select the image that you want, that you’ve taken within the burst mode. So, that’s really good to nail in those shots of fast action movement.

My next tip is called the grid feature. So, if you don’t already have this setting on your iPhone, this is awesome. But it ensures that while you’re taking a photo, you’re going to have the straight horizontal lines. So this is really great if you’re in landscape photography and you’re using your iPhone, when you turn on your grid feature it just kind of breaks your viewfinder into nine different sections, which allow you to adjust and make sure you have the straight lines.

The other tip that I want to share, that I just found out not too long ago, I didn’t know you could do this, but while you’re in video, let’s say it’s your little one’s birthday and you’re recording them, everyone in the family is singing “Happy Birthday”, but you want to sneak in some photos, but you don’t have the heart in you to stop recording, cause you still want to record that motion. One thing is that now that we are recording, you see a shutter button right here on your iPhone. So, while you are doing a video, you just click that shutter button and secretly it will be taking a photo while you are recording a video at the same time, and those photos automatically are saved into your camera roll, which is amazing and I love it, love it, love it. Love that feature.

And that’s all I have for you today and thank you so much for joining in.