Jul 24, 2020

My Favorite Essential Oils for Babies and Kids

Kate Brown tells what essentials she uses the most and how she uses them.
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Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Kate Brown. I’m hiding in my pantry from my kids. I have three girls. I’m pregnant with my first baby boy. I’m 29 weeks. He’s going to be here in September and I’m so excited. And I’m jumping on; Nomies asked me to share about my wellness journey.

I, slowly, over the last like year have been kind of changing up products in my home and using essential oils to reduce our toxicity in our home. And I’m having a lot of fun sharing, so they asked me to share a couple of my favorite oils for babies and kids.

I share a ton on my wellness page, Get Well Browns. But really quick, I’ll just share a couple of my favorite oils. So, lavender is like a Swiss Army Knife for essential oils. You can use it for anything: inflammation, redness on skin, I add it to my kid’s bath gel; their lotion. Super soothing. I always add it to their nighttime blend in their diffuser. It helps them fall asleep faster, stay asleep, that kind of thing. Lavender is amazing for all kinds of things.

Gentle Baby is another huge, huge one for babies and kids. And it does exactly what it sounds like. Gentle Baby is so calming and just an amazing tool to have for young kids. It’s great for skin, too. Put a drop of this in your baby’s diffuser or in a roller and it will instantly calm them down and does help with any kind of fussiness. It is an amazing one to have.

And, then there are like so many, but this isn’t necessarily for kids or babies, but Thieves essential oil from Young Living – all the oils I share are from Young Living – but thieves is incredible. It is going to be like your immune system boost. It fights germs and it is just really good for helping with wellness. I put a couple drops of Thieves, lemon and frankincense into a glass roller bottle like this. I get these on Amazon. Fill rest with fractionated coconut oil, and I’ll just put this up and down my kid’s spine every single day, especially during cold and flu season and it really helps just boost their immunity. I diffuse the Thieves as well and just kind of keep that pumping through our home during those time and I know it's protecting them from all the yuckiness and the viruses. So, I love it.

And those are just a couple that I love. There are so many more, and it is super easy to do. I think people hear about essential oils and think it’s overwhelming or that it’s like scammy, but it’s truly changed my life; it’s changed my family’s life. My kids get excited to do our routines with our oils and I’ve loved learning about it and sharing about it.

So, I can’t wait to incorporate it more as I have a newborn. I have said over and over again how much I wished I had started this sooner and to have a new baby coming and to have these tools and the knowledge that I do now, I’m so excited to incorporate that.

But I share our lives on my personal page, Kate Brown, more lifestyle and stuff like that. But then on Get Well Browns is more of my helping people jump into oils and have it not be like not overwhelming. So, you can follow me on either, but reach out with any questions, reach out anytime. I love connecting with new people and friends and it’s just fun for me.

So, anyways. We love Nomies and I so appreciated them having me on, so thank you.