5 Tips For Feeding Your Homie

Erin has great tips for feeding your little ones.

Watch the video to hear them.

Video Transcript:

My name is Erin Ogden and I’m a registered dietitian/nutritionist. I’m sharing today, five tips for feeding your little homies. And these tips will help even the pickiest of eaters.

First Tip: Eating for children is just like learning any other skill. It’s like learning how to ride a bike, it’s like learning how to read, but sometimes as parents, we forget that. And so, if you can maintain that mindset, that you’re teaching your kids a skill, it’s not something they come born learning how to know how to do. Then it will help you be more patient as you are feeding them and it will help to eliminate harsh struggles. If you can just remember they’re learning, it’s all new: new flavors, new textures.

The Second Tip that I have for you is making sure that you always include something on their plate that you know they love. And that will help them when they come to the table. They will feel less pressure, less stress, because they feel safe knowing that there’s something on their plate that they recognize. And as long as you have something on their plate you know they’ll eat, and you know they love, then that gives you the opportunity to also put things on their plate, for them to try new things.

The Third Tip that I have for you is make sure they are coming to the table hungry. If they’re snacking throughout the day, they’re going to come to dinner and they’re going to just pick off their plate what they really like and leave the rest because they’re tummies are full. So, the secret to getting your kids to eat what’s on their plate and to try new things is make sure they’re coming to the table hungry.

Fourth Tip: it takes multiple times for kids to learn how to like new flavors and textures. So, make sure that you’re serving a variety of types of foods, multiple times, in multiple different ways. So, serving raw cauliflower. This is a new thing for Ethan. He usually loves cooked cauliflower, but we’re trying raw cauliflower. It can take several times of offering a new food for kids to learn to like it, so don’t give up and don’t stop offering those foods, even if they spit it out or act like they don’t like it.

And the Fifth Tip that I have for you is to keep in mind that the most important thing is that they develop a healthy and a positive relationship with food. So, make it fun, make it relaxed, let them explore, and don’t put too much pressure on them to eat everything on their plate.

And those are my top five tips for feeding your little homies.