Christmas Shoe Drive

For every pair of shoes purchased between 12/18 – 12/21/20, we will donate a pair of shoes to Utah Foster Care.


Video Transcript 

Hey, friends. So, I’ve got a project that we’re working on that I’m really excited about, but we really need your help. I was talking with a friend from Utah Foster Care and she was telling me about how in the winter they kind of struggle because a lot of times when kids are removed from their families, that are in dangerous situations, it’s kind of spur of the moment, sometimes in happens in the middle of the night and most of the times these kids are showing up barefoot, and in the winter. It just was breaking my heart and pulling at my heartstrings and I thought these little kids are having the worst day of their life and getting jostled around and confusion and scared and I just wished that we could provide some help. And so, I spoke with her and we’re going to be holding a Shoe Drive.

So, this weekend for all of the shoes that we sell, for each pair of shoes we sell, we are going to donate a pair of shoes to the Utah Foster Care system. And so, we really appreciate your guy’s help. I hope we can make a small difference and hopefully these little kids will have some shoes at Christmas time and some of the harder times of their life. Especially, I was thinking about COVID, and a lot of families are struggling in these situations and the foster care system is really overwhelmed and these foster care providers, the families, just aren’t able to necessarily run out and buy a pair of shoes. And so, we really appreciate any help we can get, and we really hope we can make a difference for these kids.