Conscious Child Choking Overview

Dr. Aaron Gardner MD and Drue Winder NP from Just 4 Kids Pediatrics review the procedure for when your child is choking.
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Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Drue Winder. I’m a nurse practitioner at Just for Kids Urgent Care.

Hi, I’m Aaron Gardener. I’m a pediatric intensivist at Just for Kids Urgent Care.

And we are talking about choking today.

Anytime that you have a child that is choking, the first thing you always want to do is call for help; get somebody calling 9-1-1 so that help is on the way.

We are going to demonstrate how to do the Heimlich on an infant and a toddler. Dr. Gardener is going to start with our infant.

When an infant chokes, it can be really scary; it can be quite terrifying, and if they’re coughing, let them cough, and continue to cough. But if you can tell they’re unable to cough; they’re not moving any air, then we need to assist them in dislodging that object. And we do this by placing their face, cradling it in our hand and then laying them down across our knee and giving five back blows between their shoulder blades. Then you sandwich them and roll them to their front and give three chest thrusts right in the middle of their chest and give them five chest thrusts like that.

If your child is too big to be flipping back and forth, like this one is, you’re going to want to place them on your lap. You’re going to make a fist, put it right under their ribcage and you’re going to give inward/upward thrusts. You will want to do this hard enough that it’s going to dislodge whatever is in their throat. You’re going to continue the thrusts until your child either dislodges whatever is in their throat or until they lose consciousness.

Anytime a child loses consciousness, you want to immediately start CPR.

A few things that we like to tell patients about choking and prevention is that if your child is playing with an object that will fit through a paper towel roll, it’s too small and they could choke on it. Anything that is bigger is safe to play with.

There are some foods that are particularly high-risk, like hotdogs and grapes and nuts. Those things we want to be very careful with. We want to chop them up into small pieces and make sure it’s safer and less of a choking hazard for these little ones.

And this is our choking overview from Just for Kids Urgent Care.