Finding the Magic in Motherhood


Felica has great tips for “wholehearted parenting”.
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Video Transcript:

Hey, everyone. My name in Felica Allen, and I am the host of “Find the Magic Podcast,” where we talk about wholehearted parenting. And, what that means to us is that you are acknowledging both your emotions and your needs, and your child’s emotions and needs, and you are meeting them in the middle and they are meeting you in the middle.

So, I’m going to share three tips with you guys today that are kind of – we have a few pillars in our wholehearted parenting philosophy and model and these are a few of our favorite tips.

So, the first tip focuses on the you side of parenting and that is to find time for yourself. For us, what we encourage a lot of moms is to find that little extra time in the morning that you can exercise, journal, meditate, and just enjoy a little peace to yourself, and it really re-centers you whole time with your kids.

The second tip that we encourage is to acknowledge your child’s emotions. This also first starts with you and acknowledging your own emotions and that is something you kind of have to do a little work to recognize and understand, and we have plenty of episodes on both of these.

But, with our kids, that’s acknowledging you really want to take your shoes off right now and acknowledging that emotion when they’re crying and really upset, will help them feel that empathy from you.

And then, the last tip kind of goes hand-in-hand with acknowledging emotions, and that is to set clear boundaries and hold those boundaries.

So sometimes, respectful parenting can come across or be perceived as lackadaisical or permissive, and that’s not the perception you want to give your kids. Because your kids actually are very boundary-focused and action-focused, and they are dependent on you to set all those firm boundaries and it makes them feel safe.

So, for instance, Seni was crying about taking his shoes off, but I really didn’t want him to take his shoes off, I would have said, “Wow, you really want to take your shoes off. We’re not going to take them off right now. But thank you for telling me.” And just holding that boundary. And you can use that tool for holding a boundary at bedtime; you can hold that boundary at mealtimes. But that’s being okay with those big emotions from your kids.

I hope that was helpful, and again come find us. We’re anywhere that you can find podcasts.

Thanks everyone.