Infertility: You Are Not Alone!

Emmy opens up about getting pregnant and staying pregnant.
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Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Emmy Lowe. I am from the account Hello Emmy Lowe. I am a mom of two little kids: I have Augie, who will be one on Wednesday, and then I also have a little girl who will be three later this month.

I was asked to jump on and talk a little bit about my fertility journey and talk a little bit about what I’ve gone through and give a little bit of advice. And it’s interesting that she asked me to do that because I feel like there’s so many other women who are more experienced than I am, but I do have a very specific experience happen in my life with having kids so I’m excited to share that.

So, I’ve had two babies, as I’ve talked about, but I’ve also had four miscarriages. We started trying, and I got pregnant fairly quickly every single time, but I’ve lost four babies in those first like six to eight weeks. It’s unexplained; we haven’t been able to discover why. It was pretty difficult to go through, and as we’re talking and carrying out potentially having another one, I just have to remind myself that it’s okay and if I do have a miscarriage again, that it’s okay and it’s a part of my story.

I know that fertility is so difficult. I’ve had multiple friends who’ve had to do IVF or IUI or just truly have not been able to get pregnant, and that is so hard on a mental state, an emotional state. And, while I have been able to get pregnant, losing babies is never fun. And anything that you’re dealing with, when it comes to babies, can just feel so heavy. And so, I think that the biggest thing I would leave you with, advice-wise, is talk to someone, reach out. I know that that was really helpful for me to talk to people, to be able to have that community to help me get through it. And also, to hear other peoples’ stories because it made me realize that mine was not weird and mine was normal. And I think that that was really huge.

But I’ll tell you, I’m grateful they are here and despite all the negativity that we went through, I am so glad they’re here. And, we love our Nomies. You can see our little shoes on right now. We love our little Nomies and I’m excited to get this guy wearing them as he starts crawling around.

So, I hope you enjoyed that. If you have any questions or ever need someone, feel free to reach out. And thanks for listening.