Tips for Early Literacy

Kari has great tips for encouraging reading with your little ones.
Watch the video to hear them.

Video Transcript:

So, one of my favorite things is to buy up; just as you would maybe buy a bigger size winter coat. If your child was 5, maybe you would buy a size 6, so that it would last throughout the whole winter and next. I like to do that with books. For example, I like to get nice big books that are sturdy and that have a topic that will last for various ages and interests.

boy reading books Hi, I’m Adam. I’m 8-years-old. This is Astin and he’s 8-months-old today. Here’s one of the best learning tips: to have the big brothers read to the little brothers. That way we can have some fun, and also have fun with the book.

“… reach the city safely. But on his return, he was caught in a terrible storm.”

Having books in baskets is a very easy way to make sure that you have books with you wherever you go and in all different kinds of rooms in your house.

Or, if you have wiggly, crazy kids and it doesn’t sound like they’d ever just sit next to you and listen to a story, maybe while they’re in the bathtub and contained, or maybe in a highchair, then you could read a book to them there.

And you can do it! Just read every day.